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Joining form

Before you start filling up this application, please contact our recruitment manager on +447738034554. We strongly recommend to do it before you continue, as otherwise your application might be rejected.

To fill up this form, you need around 20 minutes. Please prepare copies of all required documents in electronic versions, all must be in a good quality and up to date:

  • PHV licence
  • PCO licence
  • PCO Badge
  • MOT
  • Logbook (second page only)
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Passport Photo
  • National Insurance Number (card or letter)
  • Driving licence side A
  • Driving licence side B
  • Rental Agreement (if applicable)

In next steps you will be asked to fill up personal information, sign agreement (please read it carefully) and watch video. We explain there how to work with us. There are four phone numbers in the agreement. It is VERY IMPORTANT for you to save them in your contacts. Then you will be asked to pay £25 joining fee (PayPal account). When completed, we will check your application with all documents uploaded and you will appear in our system as a new driver (this might take up to 24h). You will be notified via email when your application has been proceeded.

Also, you will get via Post (on your home address) the following items:

  • Name Board
  • Business Cards
  • Whiteboard Pen

From that moment you will be ready to work.

Driver Details

Bank Account Details

1.Do you have any points on your license? If yes, how many?

Yes No

2.Do you have any convictions for driving offences? Yes No

3.Do you have any convictions for non-driving offences? Yes No

4.Do you have any entries on your Disclosure and Barring Service? Yes No

5.Do you have any medical condition that might affect your driving capabilities? Yes No

Agreement part-1

This agreement is between Umbrella Transfers Ltd and you (named driver), based on the terms and conditions, as well as the rules and regulations, set out in this agreement.


The nature of the collaboration Umbrella Transfers Ltd and you (named driver) will be on the basis of self-employed status. We act as an agent on your behalf, supplying services (transfers) for you to undertake. On this basis, we then collect an agreed commission (agency fee) which is deducted from the full journey price that is offered at the time of allocation.

When we are acting as your agent, you (named driver) makes the supply of transport services to the customer in which case VAT is only due on the fares payable by the customers if you are registered for VAT. If you are not registered for VAT, we are unable to charge VAT or issue a VAT invoice on your behalf for the customer's fare.If you have further questions in this regards, please check the VAT Notice 700/25 guide on the GOV.UK website applicable to private hire drivers and operators.

Drivers Code of Conduct

At Umbrella Transfers we always aim to provide our customers with the highest levels of customer service. We appreciate that our drivers are “the face” or our company, and as such we aim to treat them with respect, and make them feel part of a team. To uphold our company values we have a brief set of guidelines for our drivers as follows.

Dress Code

Smart dress code, 7 days a week, at all times.

Trousers (no jeans), shirt - Economy Class,
Trousers (no jeans), shirt and tie - Executive Class

Dark shoes (no trainers)


All vehicles must be kept clean, tidy and fresh at all times.

Drivers must provide Wi-Fi and fresh mineral water for customers at all times.

No smoking in car, even off shift.

Customers service

We expect our customers to be treated courteously at all times. Any problems with customers, whether it is about money, waiting time etc. must be referred to the office. Drivers must NOT argue with customers. Drivers must open the doors and offer help with luggage for every single customer, offer fresh mineral water and inform about available Wi-Fi on-board. When its raining driver must use umbrella and assist customer to leave or get into the car.

Charging the Customer

You are only allowed to charge the customer as instructed per job provided. You will be informed if the customer will be paying in cash, if the journey is pre-paid or there's a deposit involved (to protect you as well, we sometimes charge the riskier journeys with a deposit fee; this is to ensure you don't waste your time and end up having a "no show"). You will be informed about, the way customer chose to pay, which will be reflected on your invoice. If there are cases where you have to wait after the free time included with the journey, you need to inform the office and we will calculate any additional charges. Please do not mention anything to the customer prior to doing this.

We will not tolerate any attempts to charge the customer without contacting the office prior. We will inform the customer of any extra charges and update your journey price automatically, but also inform you by SMS (or WhatsApp / Driver app message) of the new total price and payment method.

Cleaning Fees

The Company reserves the right to charge reasonable cleaning charges plus three hours’ loss of earnings for the driver at our normal hourly rate (as detailed in the Price List) in the event of spillages or in the event that any Passenger vomits or otherwise soils or damages a Passenger. For any spillages Company reserves the right to charge £10 per every single seat and in event that any Passenger vomit or do other serious mess it will be £30 per seat plus 3h loss of earnings. 1h loss of earnings equals £20. All issues must be first passed to the office.

Controller Issues

Our controllers are here to work with you, sometimes under very stressful circumstances. Drivers must not argue with office staff and in case of any issue contact management or visit the office.

Return Bookings

Any return bookings made by passengers to the driver must be passed to the office. If you do not do this, and carry out a job you are not insured and in case of any accident you might lost Your license, insurance company will not pay anything to you or anyone involved. Think twice – it is not worth it. Office staff will try to allocate the booking to you if requested, but cannot guarantee this. In case we notice such things, company will report those drivers to TFL for checking and they will be dismissed.

Airport Pickup Guide

1. All fares quoted to customers and passed onto drivers are fully inclusive of airport parking and waiting. This includes waiting up to 40 minutes after the scheduled pickup time. If you have not met your customer by this time, drivers must contact the office regarding extra waiting time.

2. Airport pickup fares include a surcharge of £8. If the driver pays more than £8 for parking, he should forward a copy of the ticket to the office with details of the job it relates and driver number. All emails must be passed to

The office will reimburse any parking charges paid in excess of £8.

3. Some airports have drop-off fee witch will be also included into the quoted fare.

4. If a driver cannot locate and contact his passenger he must NOT leave the terminal without prior agreement with the office.

5. Unless otherwise stated a driver must be INSIDE the terminal at the meeting point in the time of pickup. (If the flight is delayed – this time might be varying).

6. Random checks will be made by our staff to ensure that drivers are in the terminal on time. Any driver repeatedly not going into the terminal on time will no longer be able to work for Umbrella Transfers.

Airport Meeting Points

Heathrow Airport

  • Terminal 2 - Outside WHSmith
  • Terminal 3 - Outside WHSmith
  • Terminal 4 - Outside Costa Coffee
  • Terminal 5 – Outside Costa Coffee

Gatwick Airport

  • North Terminal - Outside Costa Coffee
  • South Terminal - Outside Costa Coffee

Stansted Airport

  • International Arrivals - Airport Information Desk
  • Domestic Arrivals – As they exit Secure Area

Luton Airport

  • All Arrivals – Outside Costa Coffee

Commission / Rent / Deposits

Umbrella Transfers runs on a commission only basis. The basic rate of commission is 20% + £1 per job between £0 - £99 and £2 per job worth more than £100. Commission might vary on particular jobs.

  • A Deposit of £25 in total is required PRIOR to a driver starting work.
  • By signing this agreement, you (named driver) confirm that you accept to have the deposit requirement taken from you.
  • Deposit - £25 must be prepaid immediately and that amount is not refundable, as this is due to cost of putting driver into the system, name boards etc.
  • Drivers statements are issued from Mondays till Wednesdays for the previous week.
  • All payments will be done till Friday 6pm for the previous week.
  • Driver will be charged an app fee - £2,5 every week, when he exceeds £150 income on that week.

Bank Details: Umbrella Transfers Ltd
Sort Code: 23-69-72
Account Number: 04981373

Agreement part-2

Jobs and availability

Umbrella Transfers operates a system in which jobs are sent out to drivers the day before (for mornings), or the same day for (afternoons and evenings). Please read and follow the guidelines below.

All jobs available for drivers we post in WhatsApp broadcast. Once posted - driver who want to take the job must reply on WhatsApp that he is able to do it. Whoever is first - he is getting the job. In some cases we contact drivers directly. After that you will get job on email or by our app. Once job is accepted and dispatched - driver MUST do the job. Most jobs are booked in advance and prepaid, so you don’t deal with cash.

If a driver believes that he will be late to a job, we expect the driver to inform the office as soon as possible or at least 3h before. This will allow us to give the job to an alternative driver or inform clients that he will be late. If a driver will be late for his first job on that day, he will be charged £10.

In case, you are not able to provide service and we are not able to cover the booking, you agreed to do earlier - you will be responsible for covering all extra costs caused by this fact.

It is very important we provide our customers with the promised services. Being late for a transfer, or even worst, not showing up, could lead to further complications. This is why we take reliability very seriously. If you have agreed to become a member of our team, we expect you to have the same level of desire and commitment as all of us, as you will be the company's ambassador in front of the client.

Drivers must check the flight arrival time of the jobs they are given and be inside terminals on time given in instructions with jobs. If a driver is not inside terminal on a proper time, he will be charged £10.

When a driver has only one customer, that customer must sit at the back. If the customer requests to sit in the front with the driver, for safety reasons, the driver must kindly inform customer, that this is not allowed.

Any item left by passengers in vehicles, must be returned to the office.

Drivers are not allowed to use their cell phones or any electronic devices during the ride, of course SatNav is exception from this rule. Drivers are only allowed to answer phone calls from our office during the ride with passengers (using hands free head set).

At the end of every journey all customers will get feedback form and on that basis you will be getting better jobs. Please keep in mind – the you treat customers is the way we treat you.

Office number: +44(0)2037577276

Please install Whatsapp in Your phone and save these Numbers in your
07592762200 07592762201 07738034554 !!!


Note: File size must be upto 2mb.

Joining Fee


You will be directed to PayPal payment secured panel. Please pay £25 to finish your application. After successful payment we will redirect to video. Please watch that carefully.

Thank you for your application.

We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please check your email. Now you will be redirecting to video in 10 seconds. Please watch the complete video.

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